NYC Tolkien exhibit- Midwest ride share available

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NYC Tolkien exhibit- Midwest ride share available

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Attention Midwest Rangers: my kids have spring break the week of April 1 and we're going to see the Tolkien exhibit at the Morgan Museum in New York City.

I'm going to drive from Indianapolis to Hoboken, NJ one day, stay in a hotel that night, take the train into the City and to the museum exhibit the next morning, spend the day in the City (maybe at the Met's Cloisters), then stay the night again at the hotel. The third day, I'll be heading back to Indy. It's an eleven to twelve hour drive, so it's leave early and get in late for the two travel days.

My van has space for three additional adults. The hotel is about $100 per night. If one person is coming, we could probably split the room. Otherwise, you'd probably have to get your own room.

I'm flexible for which three days during that week, but want to avoid the higher costs and larger crowds of the weekend, so it's drive day there Sunday at the earliest and drive day back Friday at the latest.

If anyone is interested, please let me know before I lock in which three days during that week.

Cautions: my kids are great travelers, but they are 9 and 6. If you can't handle close quarters with kids for that long, don't do it. And I snore like a buzzsaw.
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