Thranduil Cosplay at WonderCon

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Thranduil Cosplay at WonderCon

Post by Greg »

Greetings, all.

I saw that Ken already liked this on facebook, but I wanted to share this here personally for two reasons. Number one else on the planet will ever come this close to looking like Lee Pace's Thranduil again: ... =1&theater

Number two..? This guy's a good personal friend of mine from High School. We used to swap stories about the fantasy and sci-fi books we were currently reading instead of paying attention in our Senior year British Lit class. He's a hard-core cosplayer, pulled this off brilliantly, and I couldn't be happier to be bragging about it on his behalf. Go like the photo on's facebook page and give Alex some love.

Thranduil's crown and robes hand-crafted by Rose Ivy Wallace
Sword crafted by Erick De Luna, both of ER Collective [don't's wood.]
Jewelry by Katie Small and Rose
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Re: Thranduil Cosplay at WonderCon

Post by Mirimaran »

I know quality when I see it :) it is an outstanding costume!

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Re: Thranduil Cosplay at WonderCon

Post by Manveruon »

Nicely done!
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Re: Thranduil Cosplay at WonderCon

Post by Rifter »

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