Elvish names again

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Elvish names again

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So once again, I must admit that my knowledge of the Elvish languages is lacking. I am working on some new things, new translations for the Bard's stage if you will. I need the help of our Elvish scholars. There are two names I am trying to translate. The pixellated Feanor site - or what I get when I google - it isn't giving me a combination of the words I'm trying to translate. Anyway, if any of this is coherent, here are the names I need help with:

Boron Randir : His name translates Faithful Traveler. Would it simply be Boronrandir?
Hathla Ceredis: Blade Maker. She was Angarth's Elvish master smith. Not even going to guess how those two would be joined.

So, how would these words be joined in a way keeping with the Elvish syntax? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Elvish names again

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Apologies for the late response but I might have a bit of a lead if you are still working on this project. I am not in any way a linguistics expert or fluent in Elvish but I know where to go for help!

The fine folks at Parf Edhellen and their discord channel Vinyë Lambengolmor are very knowledgeable in Elvish and willing to lend a hand translating. (As long as one is direct and polite.)

If not there, then /r/sindarin is also a good resource though there is overlap with Parf Edhellen.

Best of luck! Hope this helps!
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